ProShip® Integrated Labelmaster Add-On

Save time and eliminate hazmat headaches with a simple add-on to ProShip's multi-carrier shipping software.

Hazmat Shipping

See GREEN when shipping RED.

When shipping hazardous materials, you need to have a strong understanding of detailed and complex regulations.

The combination of ProShip and Labelmaster makes dangerous goods shipping as predictable as non-regulated shipping.

Reduce dangerous goods fines and delays to make your entire operation more efficient.

Instantly validate your shipping data against the latest regulations - free up personnel from having to dig through regulatory texts and hoping they get it right.

Stay Compliant

When shipping hazardous materials, you need to have a strong understanding of detailed and complex regulations.

Not only that, you need to keep current on the ever-changing regulations to stay in compliance and avoid costly penalties or stopped shipments that cost you and your customers time and money. Save time and eliminate hazmat headaches with a simple add-on to ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software.

  • Eliminates the need to look up regulations and offers enterprise-level location management
  • Automatically updates with the latest regulations to ensure compliant labeling, packaging and documentation
  • Reduces any compliancy gaps
  • Provides trackable savings for your department
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    diagram of hazmat integration

    See How ProShip and Labelmaster Work Together to Ship Hazmat Better

    It's important to have a good understanding of the Hazmat shipping process. Not only does it make shipping dangerous goods easier, it prevents costly mistakes. See how ProShip and Labelmaster work together to ship this class of product compliantly in our Hazmat Process Model diagram.

    Hazmat Process Model Diagram

    Integrated Labelmaster Add-On

    • Improve Productivity

      ProShip® provides your employees with simple point-click-ship technology allowing them to be more productive with fewer errors.

    • Lower Costs

      Reduce labor costs by eliminating unnecessary steps and manual processes so your employees can focus on order fulfillment.

    • Keep Regulations Up-To-Date

      ProShip® supports printing of your 49CFR and IATA declarations and keeps them up-to-date.

    • Increase Revenue

      Increase your package volume and fulfill more orders by streamlining your hazmat shipping processes.

    • Multi-Carrier Compliant

      Easily produce shipping labels, manifests and hazmat documents in carrier-specified formats.

    • Avoid Fines/Returned Shipments

      Eliminate fines and returned shipments by ensuring that your hazmat packages are labeled correctly and the shipping papers are accurate.

    Hazmat Shipping Webinar

    [On-Demand Webinar] Living Dangerously: Demystifying Hazmat Shipping

    As part of The ProS Who Know: A Virtual Event Hyperfocused on Parcel Shipping

    Procurement, classification, and compliant shipping are important activities in the immense world of dangerous goods (DG) shipping. They are easy to understand separately, but harder to grasp holistically. In this session, we explore the roadmap of a DG shipping process and debunk today's most common misconceptions about hazmat shipping.

    Featured Experts:
    Mario Sagastume, Vice President Software and Customer Success at Labelmaster
    Clint Boaz, Senior Sales Engineer at ProShip, Inc.

    Watch On-Demand
    Hazmat Shipping

    Convince C-Level

    CEO’s aren’t just ignoring hazmat compliance, they may be ignoring the entire supply chain!

    Show your bosses real visibility into the true costs and value of improved compliance, those in the industry have said, and you’ll secure the resources to drive new revenue and boost your bottom line.

    Kickstart Hazmat Shipping

    Get your packages to where they need to go

    Stay compliant and avoid delays and chargebacks.

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