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The World is Your Market

There’s never been a better time for growing your business internationally.

Successfully selling internationally starts with having a cross-border shipping strategy to meet customers' high demands.

ProShip’s international shipping platform ensures customer packages are delivered on-time to the right destination, as cost effectively as possible. Reap the benefits of business growth and make sure your customers are happy all around the world.

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ProShip, Inc. is a Certified Vendor for ACE (AESDirect) Filings

Quickly and easily automate the AES filing process directly from ProShip® Software.

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International Shipping with ProShip eBook

How to Expand Your Market Internationally

In this eBook, discover how to implement a successful cross-border strategy.

There's never been a better time for growing your business internationally, because expanding your business in today's saturated US market can be a challenge. Learn:

  • Cross-border trade growth
  • International shipping barriers
  • Measuring effectiveness
  • Implementing a better process
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The Trek Bicycle Story

How they automate global shipping operations while saving time and money.

Before ProShip, freight rating selection and rate settings were handled by a manager who directed employees to the carrier they should use, depending on the type of bike, the country it was being shipped to and the sales level. Adding to the challenge was the fact that Trek uses many different carriers in Europe.

“One carrier has one zone for a whole country. Other carriers have eight or nine zones per country. Now all of the zones can be loaded into ProShip®, and it determines which carrier with the best rate is going to which country,” said Geneo Helmink, European Logistics Manager.

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International scan and ship shipping diagram

Make International Shipping as Easy as "Scan and Ship"

Whether you're shipping to Asia, Europe or South America, ProShip® performs the differing regulatory steps and produces the required documentation and customs forms, such as:

  • Certificate of Origin
  • Commercial Invoices
  • Shipper Export Declaration
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