Multi-Carrier Shipping

Multi-carrier strategies give you more options to please your customers.

Multi-Carrier Shipping

Multi-Carrier is Our Specialty

Single-carrier operations are risky business.

Without the right shipping software, adding on a single carrier at a time would be extremely time-consuming, plus you would have to switch between interfaces to compare routes and rates. This is a slow process, and the dollars and time wasted is not worth it.

Don't get stuck with minimal choices.

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Amazon Merchant Fulfilled Network (Amazon’s MFN) API integration

Is Amazon Part of Your Business?

ProShip’s Amazon Merchant Fulfilled Network (Amazon’s MFN) API integration gives you complete control over your Amazon shipping business. Uncover how to start automating your Amazon shipping operations by utilizing multi-carrier shipping software certified for Amazon MFN.

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Why Go Multi-Carrier?

Peak season demands, carrier strikes and limited features are all reasons why single-carrier servicing limits your business potential

Carrier Networks & Capacities – Not All the Same

Thanks in part to the inevitable rise of technology, e-commerce and mobile shopping have grown exponentially in the past years making shipping the backbone of experience, putting major pressure on the carriers’ delivery networks.

Carriers have tried to keep up with the demand by investing their efforts into improving their networks by adding facilities, automation, technology and people. But this still does not guarantee that a carrier will not be overloaded on a particular lane for a few days. And that risk only increases with bad weather.

It’s important to note that in the last few years carriers have also started implementing ‘quotas’ on their largest customers during the holiday season and have been charging fees if quotas are unexpectedly surpassed.

With carrier network investment it should be no surprise that carriers will have different capabilities in different lanes. Where one carrier may have improved their Northeast ground network, another carrier may have added capacity in California. Carrier networks change every year, and shipping tools such as multi-carrier shipping software keeps up with these changes.

top 10 carrier related shipping concerns

eBook: Retailers Divulge their Top 10 Carrier-Related Shipping Concerns

Shipping is complicated, but automation and the right software tools will help alleviate these 10 concerns, ensuring deliveries are handled just as customers expect. It's a clear pathway to cost reductions and savings that ultimately end up back on the bottom line.

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As the leader in multi-carrier shipping software, we enable our customers to become more cost effective and ultimately more competitive.

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