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Install ProShip software that is tailored to your needs while integrating to homegrown or third party OMS, WMS, and/or ERP systems.

ProShip has a detailed onboarding process. New clients are turned over to our expert integration team, where they will receive pre-requisite information and a questionnaire. This questionnaire gathers information such as account numbers, services being utilized, etc. Gathering this information helps us jumpstart the project faster. Following the information gathering portion we have a very detailed kickoff process which ends in a specified contract for both parties to agree upon, which allows the solution to be delivered.


In the Initiation Phase, the customer receives the license key and welcome emails and all other phases are outlined. All initial documents are added into a SharePoint if they are not already there.

Project stakeholders are identified and the project manager approves hours billed-to-project through the project lifecycle. The transition to the Integration (Pre-Kick Off) Meeting is the milestone that ends the Initiation Phase.

The ProShip implementation was one of the smoothest system implementations that I have ever seen. Outstanding job to the entire ProShip team that makes all of this possible.

Ken M., Senior Logistics Director and VP of Business Development at KGP Logistics

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