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Automatically choose the most cost effective and time efficient method of transit to get each package onto the truck and out to customers faster than ever.

ProShip Rate Shopping

Rate Shopping is Our Sweet Spot

​The pros know best,​ and we've been "the pros" for almost two decades.

In a time where shipping convenience expectations are high, we push to offer our clients the most advanced rate shopping functionality in the industry.

The results? Money saved by always choosing the lowest-cost method to get packages out the door, allowing you to fulfill your customers’ expectations in an instant.

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Article: Rate Shopping - What it is and why you need it

Carrier Rate Shopping Explained

The three rate shopping options and choosing what's best for your business.

Basic Rate Shopping

Basic rate shopping is the first, and simplest form. This is a behind-the-scenes service that will automatically provide you with your best shipping options while considering total cost and applicable service selection.

With basic rate shopping, a simple sort by total cost should finish the business rule. Too many systems will look at only part of this equation and not the total – they may not have the ability to take the same transaction and hand it to an LTL service that you would then hand to a small parcel service. There needs to be a lot of translation at the get-go. Doesn’t matter if it’s UPS, Deliv, FedEx – our systems come back with a normalized set of information.

  • Total Cost: The amount that we expect the account holder to pay – this includes item and shipping charges.
  • Applicable Service Selection: Considers several different secondary factors:
    • Rate Shop Groups (previously known as best way groups): A set of carrier services that you want to evaluate.
    • Cost Normalization: You need your shipping system to normalize cost across all carriers, modes and services. It is important not to think about the base rate separate from the assessorial, fuel surcharges and discounted self. In the end, all this rolls up into total cost (the cost the shipper will pay).
    • Service Validation by Destination: There are certain services that do not deliver to all addresses. For example, UPS will never ship to a PO Box, and Next Day Early AM (utilized by UPS and FedEx) will not deliver to all addresses.
    • Service Validation by Package Attributes: Some services are residential-only, such as FedEx Home Delivery. The system needs to weed that service out before presenting you with options. Sometimes depending on the package weight, it may or may not qualify for particular services; for example, a 4.5 oz letter wouldn’t be a good fit for LTL.


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The Science Behind Smarter Shipping

Understanding advanced rate shopping functionality that only ProShip provides.

Advanced Date Shopping - the king of rate shopping - includes planning for delivery by a target date. This algorithm includes 9 data sets to maximize the ability for your shipment to be delivered on the promised date.

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ProShip Last Mile Fulfillment


Without the ability to rate shop multiple carriers and their services, you’re out of luck if a single carrier goes on strike or becomes overloaded.

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The ProShip Solution

Helping the Top 100 Retailers rate shop for over a decade.

You deserve the #1 in speed, compliance, reliability and experience. With ProShip you will...

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Take the next step in adding advanced rate shopping functionality and start building stronger-than-ever customer revenue streams.

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