Reporting & Analytics

Make faster and better-informed shipping decisions that will positively affect your bottom line and ultimately improve end-customer satisfaction.

Introducing enVista's myShipINFO®

Introducing enVista's myShipINFO®

MyShipINFO® is now being implemented into ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software. Read the Press Release to learn more about this exciting business intelligence product.

Press Release
ProShip Dashboard Computer

Accessible Shipping Data Empowering Everyone

Seize the DATA!

Getting your packages out the door in a timely and cost-effective way is critical to your business. Having easy access to important shipping data so you can continuously improve your efforts and make sound shipping decisions is imperative.

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ProShip Reporting & Analytics

User-Defined Dashboards

Answer Your Most asked Questions:

  • How much did I spend on shipping last month compared to the month prior?
  • How many parcels have I sent out this week?
  • Am I using the right mix of distribution centers based on my customers' locations?
  • What additional fees was I charged last year compared to this year?
ProShip predictive analytics

How Predictive Analytics is Changing the Way We Ship

The power of shipping analytics is seen as a major competitive advantage for shippers.

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ProShip + Analytics Integration

ProShip + Analytics Integration

Connecting ProShip to your analytics partner.

Do you need a more robust Business Intelligence (BI) tool or do you already have one in place? No problem! ProShip can plug and play with any 3rd party platform through a standard data integration. This gives you the power to have all your company data in one place.

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What You Achieve With ProShip Reporting & Analytics

  • Customized Dashboards

    Customizable dashboards and self-serve report-building capabilities show a complete view of your company's shipping operations.

  • Effectively Manage Freight Costs

    Isolating cost centers and monitoring trends helps to reduce unnecessary use of premium transportation costs.

  • Accuracy and Performance

    Ability to catch operation inefficiencies quickly with up-to-date data to offset wasted costs and make smarter shipping decisions.

  • Improved Customer Service

    Improved customer service and customer retention with easy-to-access tracking data in one place.

Data Matters

Check out how these four pieces of shipping data can help you make better-informed shipping decisions.

You can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been. Having a sound understanding of your past shipping operations as it relates to spend, volume, and destinations can help shape your shipping strategy for the future.

Being able to analyze your shipping data by specific carrier or carrier service, for example, can help pinpoint any inefficiencies and allows you to make corrective actions to your shipping policies.

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