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Our partnership with ProShip gives customers access to proven, highly effective services critical to today's shoppers. The extensive ProShip portfolio enhances the value and ROI we provide on the Manhattan Platform.

Eric Lamphier, Senior Director of Product Management, Manhattan Associates

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How does ProShip benefit you?

Together, we achieve. The supply chain has scaled up and evolved - and it’s all been for the sake of the customer. Customers who choose ProShip are competitive leaders in their industies with stronger-than-ever customer revenue streams.

  • Speed

    You'll Be the Fastest

    We're not like those other guys - since we build our own carrier engines, ProShip can push for millisecond shipping transaction times. Why? Because each missed delivery promise is recurring revenue lost.

    Speed requires high-performing technology that is fast enough to handle unlimited shipping requests from many locations and real-time processing of complex business rules and rating logic.

  • You'll Own Compliance

    You'll Own Compliance

    The theory is simple: Play by the rules, and your packages will get to the places they need to be. ProShip keeps you compliant no matter what you ship – getting orders to your customers on-time, with no delays or chargebacks.

    How? We don't rely on third-party or carrier systems to support our product. We do the development, engine creation, integration, engineering, deployments and direct support in-house.

  • Reliability

    You'll Be Trusted

    In shipping we trust, and trust is worth it's weight in gold. Our carrier engines are proven to run smoothly without interruption, even during the busiest of peak shipping times.

    The evidence: Not too long ago, a top 100 retailer trusted ProShip with shipping one million packages per day, five days in a row during peak season. Guess what? No downtime. How's that for reliability?

  • Experience

    You'll Have the Experience

    When you choose ProShip, you choose years of experience, time-tested technology and advanced functionality. Our team members become an extension of your own IT and Operations teams, ensuring success right from onboarding.

    Post-implementation? Known for our exceptional customer service, ProShip continues to strive for ways to educate and communicate with our customers.

Eliminate Top Shipping Challenges with ProShip

Eliminate Top Shipping Challenges with ProShip

When your second-rate shipping solution just doesn't cut it.

Feeling boxed in? Today's top companies have warehouses that hum, so it's time to implement the fastest, most carrier-compliant shipping software on the market to eliminate pain points and keep you competitive.

Which Pain Points are You Experiencing?
ProShip How it Works

The ProShip Solution

You deserve the #1 in speed, compliance, reliability and experience.

With ProShip you will...

  • Improve customer satisfaction & retention
  • Increase productivity & profitability
  • Stay flexible & intensify visibility

Learn why today's top companies like Ulta, Staples, QVC, Trek Bicycle, REI and Sephora trust ProShip as their multi-carrier shipping solution.

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